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I’m Christopher Brownfield. I work to break down barriers, to connect people, and to solve v2 cigs problems. For a time, I used to tell people about what I believed. Ironically, a Congressman changed my mind about doing that. "Don't tell me what you believe in," he said, "show me what you've done, and I'll tell you what you believe." Alfred A. Knopf just published My Nuclear Family, my first full-length which e-cig brand is the best book. It's a true story about growing up as an officer e-cigs compared aboard a nuclear submarine and fighting the war in Iraq...


The New York Times:

"My Nuclear Family," is not the best book written by an insider about America's post-9/11 military, but it's certainly the most entertaining. It's got a cocky, star-spangled, wide-angle how to choose best e-cigarette feel, as if a subversive young novelist had decided to rewrite a Tom Clancy thriller after first piloting some nuclear submarines as a gonzo practice drill.”  —Dwight Garner

Kirkus Reviews: (starred review for being “a book of unusual merit”):

"Witty, insightful, scathing, appalling and list of e-cigarette brands inspiring—

a must-read book on the Iraq war."

Publishers Weekly:

"Brownfield's stimulating, disabused tale of corruption, incompetence, and careerism in uniform is a useful—sometimes explosive—corrective to the hagiographic accounts of America's militarized approach to nation building."

Welcome, my fellow citizens of the world!


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